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Connecting Talent with Opportunity

Every Wednesday


Millies Restaurant

3900 Clark Road

Sarasota, FL 34233

The Sarasota Breakfast Club is different from “other” Sarasota networking groups?

We are a “Non-Compete Sarasota Networking Club.”

Only one representative/person per business classification is allowed to become a member with a low membership fee of just $200 Annually.

THIS IS a long term relationship, NOT what can I get from you – we build this membership on TRUST and friendship, from there we will all gain.

We have a quality roster of networking members and also build strong “Personal Relationships” within our membership.

Basically WE KNOW the person we refer and it will be the “Best of the Best” for our/your customer referral.

If you would like to learn more about The Sarasota Breakfast Club Networking Group please contact Dr. Bill Maecker ~ (941) 518-2247  for more info.


“It’s more than referrals. It’s about having the ears of other decision-making business owners. It’s about their opinions and advice. It’s about tapping into decades of Sarasota business experience.”

Dr. Bill Maecker


Our Mission


We strive to build a united body of members to share business information.


To build our professions and our client base


To build close bonds on a personal level.


To assist each other in building honor and trust within The Sarasota Breakfast Club and our businesses


To educate our fellow members with the dangers and pitfalls of bad business while building good business relationships and elude the advice of those disruptive and deceptive business owners.


To encourage the highest ethical standards in The Sarasota Breakfast Club and our individual businesses.

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